Information Is Beautiful

If you like infographics as much as I do, you’ll love this UK-based site developed by a team of designers who like to “distill the world’s data, information and knowledge into beautiful, interesting and, above all, useful visualizations, infographics and diagrams.” The site is called Information Is Beautiful. I could spend hours looking at this stuff. Being a health nut, the one called Snake Oil Supplements is one of my favourites. I love the interactive filter.

snake oil


A Cheat Sheet for Sizing Images on Social Media Channels

Do you waste time struggle to get images to look good on various social media channels that you manage? Here’s a handy dandy cheat sheet from Entrepreneur for sizing your images

Social Media Branding Critique

Thanks Gary Vaynerchuk for this great review of holiday advertising via social media and what works and what doesn’t when it comes to good branding through those channels. Some great examples and good info here. My Thanksgiving Content Critique | LinkedIn.

Moo Business Cards

proofI just came across an online business card printing company called Moo. Apparently, they’ve been around since 2004, but I’d never come across them – or it could be that they only just started shipping to Canada which is nice. They claim to offer high-quality and great design in business cards. Their motto is “We believe in the power of great design.”

I picked the Seth Godin pack with rounded edges. The cards print with contact info on one side and a selection of classic Godin quotes on the other side. Here’s my proof above. I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

Check out these awesome business card designs at

50 Awesome Resume Designs That Will Bag The Job

creative resumes

Well unless you are a graphic designer, you might not be able to produce a resume as stunning as these, but seems to me this will open up a whole new industry of design and template design work. Certainly makes things more interesting for recruiters.

50 Awesome Resume Designs That Will Bag The Job.